Why choose us?


Our wide range of suppliers and expertise enable us to offer well-packaged, attractive, customer-specific solutions within each segment.


We have extensive experience of installation work in varied environments, both indoors and outdoors, within our respective business and product areas.


You as a customer can feel confident that XBO takes responsibility for ensuring that the entire operational process runs smoothly at the transition from your existing to one of our systems.


We are part of the idea phase until the new system is commissioned and is also included as support throughout the process as well as when everything is ready and in place

About us

XBO Security Systems AB focuses on electronic system solutions specifically designed for various industries, primarily in access control and electronic locking. We deliver high quality products from leading suppliers in this industry such as UTC technologies / ONITY as well as Metra Engineering. The concept includes a total solution consisting of project, installation, deployment and long-term support solution for trouble-free operation.


XBO Securitysystems AB

Transportvägen 7
117 43 Stockholm


Phone: 08 – 19 06 00
E-mail: info@xbo.se